Nationwide or Targeted Video PSA Distribution via 2,100+ Television Stations, Cable and Broadcast Networks

psn-tv-iconPSN Traditional TV is the Public Service Network’s channel for broadcast and cable television placement of 15, 20, 30 or 60-second public service announcements (PSAs) by government agencies and nonprofits. Customized countdowns and slates with an acquired Ad-ID, as required and specified by each network, will be produced. The service provides guaranteed PSA distribution and primetime placement for your campaign video ads, ensuring that you receive an ROI that will exceed program objectives by a large margin.

Public service messaging has increased significantly over the past decade, creating unprecedented demand for existing PSA inventory on broadcast television and cable systems. PSN Traditional TV has established long-standing relationships with English- and Spanish-language cable and broadcast outlets that have demonstrated a long history of supporting PSN’s public service campaigns.

PSN TVA customized TV station and broadcast and cable network distribution list is prepared as well as a pitch list and callback list for client approval to ensure that key stations and networks are contacted directly to facilitate carriage. To build those lists, PSN Traditional TV takes into account market size, reach, format, the station’s history of PSA distribution, and other factors. The targeted database can be further refined to target specific markets (DMAs) or a broad national audience.

With client approval, an HTML media advisory incorporating campaign information and a secure, digital, file-sharing utility, which media outlets can use to download the materials in their preferred format automatically, will be prepared and distributed to more than 2,100 stations and networks.

PSA Distribution

PSN distributes PSAs via HD and SD broadcast downloadable links and through specialty channels determined by networks. Pitch calls are conducted to secure carriage of the PSA and support for the program. Follow-up calls to stations/networks will be made as needed. Video pitch notes and training for the marketing team are included.

PSN also distributes PSAs per program and station preference, via state-of-the-art digital distribution networks, multiple online file formats and when necessary, tape and DVDs. This practice solidifies relationships with the stations and cable systems to ensure the best reach and outcomes for client campaigns.

Tracking and Reporting

PSN TV is a Nielsen partner. Nielsen tracking and reporting are included as part of each nationwide PSA program. Client video PSAs are encoded for tracking purposes. Weekly airing reports include frequency, time, and date of airing; station, network or cable outlet; and DMA. PSN final reports include estimated gross impressions and ad equivalency rates. Nielsen special reports are also available from PSN for an additional fee.

Each nationwide PSN campaign receives an interactive, one-page infographic with the final report that summarizes all of the relevant campaign outcomes.

Purchase Options

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PSN Traditional TV Highlights

  • Customized distribution to thousands of local stations, cable systems and networks
  • Available on GSA Schedule
  • Usage tracking
  • 2,100+ outlets
  • Programs yield millions of dollars in ROI annually
  • Station pitching with PSA placement requests
  • English and Spanish campaigns
  • Weekly reporting
  • Nielsen® Tracking included 

Printable Spec Sheet


PSA Infographic

Interactive infographic with campaign outcomes is included with the final report.