Nationwide or Targeted Print PSA Distribution via Pharmacies

PSN-pharma-iconPSN Pharma offers government agencies and nonprofit organizations the ability to communicate health information directly to patients at the precise moment when they are focusing on their health issues — while they are picking up their prescriptions from 18,000 pharmacy counters nationwide. PSN Pharma is HIPAA compliant, ensuring that patient information remains private.

How It Works

  • Specific filter data is programmed into the participating pharmacies’ point-of-sale computer systems.
  • Patients submit their scripts to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacist enters standard prescription information into the pharmacy database.
  • When relevant, that prescription information triggers the PSN Pharma database.
  • The PSA information is printed out as part of the pharmaceutical instructions and handed to the individual patient with the prescription.

How It Targets

Messaging can be targeted to patients based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • National Drug Code (NDC)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Rx Sequencing
  • Competitive/Combination Therapy
  • Compliance History
  • Location
  • Combination Therapy


Each PSN Pharma campaign runs until 200,000 print PSAs have been delivered to pharmacy customers.Each campaign includes an estimated 300,000 impressions.

Purchase Options

  See pricing options for government agencies, agency partners and qualified nonprofit agencies by clicking here.

PSN Pharma Highlights

  • Delivery guaranteed by law
  • 18,000+ U.S. pharmacy counters
  • HIPAA compliant for privacy
  • One-to-one messaging
  • Niche geographic/demographic targeting
  • Government pricing

Printable Spec Sheet