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The PSN Advantage


PSN (The Public Service Network) provides integrated marketing and communications services in support of public awareness and education campaigns for federal government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Over the years, the company has developed and managed myriad award-winning campaigns that have resulted in measurable success and exceeded client expectations. This past experience has provided PSN with the proficiency and perspective necessary to continue to drive successful media placement in an extremely competitive marketplace for earned media and in-kind PSA airtime. PSN is a national media network built exclusively for the dissemination of government and nonprofit PSAs. The network currently services myriad nonprofit organizations and federal, state and local government  agencies by providing millions of dollars in free PSA broadcast airtime and online and print placements each week. PSN’s services encompass a collection of traditional and unconventional channels that guarantee PSA delivery via more than 200,000 outlets that include grocery and drug stores, physician waiting rooms, concert venues, pharmacies, and traditional broadcast, cable and print media. PSN’s services generate measurable impact with targeted audiences locally, regionally or nationwide. The bottom line – PSN delivers PSAs during prime dayparts on a guaranteed basis at the lowest possible rates.

Network Highlights

  • Specialists in nonprofit and government public awareness (PSA) campaigns

  • Successfully marketing and distributing PSAs since 2004

  • Guaranteed PSA distribution via 200,000+ media outlets nationwide

  • PSN services are listed on the GSA Supply Schedule

  • Weekly Nielsen tracking and reporting provided for TV & Radio programs

  • All TV and Radio campaigns receive an interactive infographic that displays the campaign outcomes along with the final report

  • PSN Management has more than 100 years of industry experience

  • Low-cost, PSA only rates with guaranteed reach and $millions in campaign ROI delivered for most campaigns

  • Services reach consumers at key decision-making points

  • Traditional and digital media channel options

  • Online search and display network campaigns (Google Analytics, Adwords and more)

  • Broad and niche geographic and demographic targeting

  • Award winning video, audio and print PSA production assistance, if required

  • Billions of media impressions served for client campaigns

  • Channels contain built-in earned media value with significant ROI

Printable Spec Sheet