Nationwide or Targeted Audio PSA Distribution via 7,000+ Radio Stations and Networks

PPSN-radio-iconSN Traditional Radio is The Public Service Network’s channel for broadcast radio placement of 15, 30, and 60-second audio public service announcements (PSAs) by nonprofits and government agencies. As with all PSN channels, there are a variety of programs available that guarantee placement and reach in your specific target markets or nationwide.

The increase in public service messaging over the past 10 years has created unprecedented demand for PSA placement on radio, making those placement opportunities more difficult to secure. A customized pitch list of radio stations is prepared for client approval to ensure that key stations are contacted directly to facilitate station carriage. To build those lists, PSN Traditional Radio takes into account the station format, the station’s history of PSA distribution, and other factors. In addition, an HTML media advisory that includes a PSA transcript and audio file download links will be prepared and distributed to more than 7,000 opt-in radio stations nationwide. The media advisory will be distributed on two separate occasions, at scheduled intervals. An electronic business reply card will be included in the advisory. Electronic business replies will be tallied to collect airing data from stations.

PSN Traditional Radio also reaches out directly to the nationwide, regional, and state broadcast networks with which it has ongoing communication to achieve a broader carriage commitment. Those networks include Clear Channel Communication, Westwood One, Radio America, and Univision Radio, among others. Gaining distribution commitment at the network level is an efficient way to achieve national PSA placement and successful campaign outcomes.

PSA Distribution

To achieve the best possible carriage opportunities, pitch calls are made to the top 35 target markets or DMAs (300 stations) to request placement. This practice solidifies relationships with the stations and facilitates regular updates and feedback. PSAs are distributed electronically to targeted radio stations and networks.

Tracking and Reporting

Follow-up calls are also conducted to track PSA placement and provide usage reports that include reach, frequency of airing, gross impressions and ad equivalency rates.

PSN Radio is a Nielsen partner. Clients have the option to have PSA placements tracked by Nielsen for an additional fee.

Purchase Options

  See pricing options for government agencies, agency partners and qualified nonprofit agencies by clicking here.

PSN Traditional Radio Highlights

  • Up-to-date opt-in database of more than 7,000 radio stations
  • Nationwide or targeted state distribution
  • Station pitching with PSA placement requests
  • English and Spanish Campaigns
  • Packages are available on GSA Schedule
  • Nielsen tracking and reporting is available upon request

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