Expand your statewide reach with an integrated media bundle.

Guaranteed minimum of 5, 10, and 15 million gross impressions to match your budget.

PSAwire delivers integrated low cost and high yield media plans for public service messaging. All our programs are customizable to meet your reach and frequency goals with your target audience. Sole source solutions are available to speed up your procurement process.

Select from these distribution programs to build your customized campaign:

Waiting Room

Target patients or caregivers at the point of care via 30-second video messages on monitors within medical waiting rooms.

Digital Direct

Communicate to users across devices, leveraging display banners, video, email, digital audio, social media placements, and retargeting.

In-Store Audio

Reach your audience via a 30-second audio message aired one or more times each hour in over 15,000 grocery, drug, and retail stores nationwide.


Broadcast radio placement of 15, 30, or 60-second audio public service announcement with opt-in radio stations within your state.


Target cable television viewers across thousands of channels and networks, via Comcast/Effectv.


Reach a targeted geographic audience through highly localized messaging that includes billboards, bus signage, and convenience store (C-Store) posters.

Support for PSAwire comes from PSN (The Public Service Network), a media distribution and marketing firm that has specialized since 2004 in nonprofit and government PSA campaigns. Sole source documentation is available upon request. The pricing terms and impression outcomes for this program may vary in some states depending on the availability of participating media outlets and inventory.

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