Nationwide or Targeted C-Store Distribution

PSN Convenience Store (C-Store) offers government agencies and nonprofit organizations the ability to place print PSAs in convenience store entrances. C-store placements maximize exposure and frequency of messaging to targeted demographic groups on a guaranteed and low-cost basis.

PSN will work with your organization to reach your target market and distribute your message in a prominent and captive medium to people who are participating in daily activities within their community.

How it works

PSN will work with your organization to build a customized transit distribution plan to reach your target audience:

  • Regionally
  • Locally
  • Rural
  • Urban


PSN C-store campaign will run for a minimum of two months and provides millions of guaranteed gross impressions.

Sample Placement: St. Newburgh, NY

Sample Placement: Westchester, NY

Purchase Options

  See pricing options for government agencies, agency partners and qualified nonprofit agencies by clicking here.

PSN C-Store Highlights 

  • Guaranteed PSA distribution
  • Local saturation
  • Low-cost PSA rates
  • Unique impressions
  • Excellent channel for underserved demographic targets
  • Printing and installation are included

Printable Spec Sheet