PSN’s 8-Step Guide to Launching a Successful PSA Campaign

Step 1: Determine your campaign budget. Do you want to launch a fully integrated campaign with video, audio, and online content or focus on just one or two types of messaging formats?

Step 2: Define the desired goals and objectives for your project, i.e. brand awareness, public education, fund raising, program registration, interaction with the target market, etc.

Step 3: Define your target market for the message. Your target market, budget and goals and objectives for your campaign will determine which marketing channels will be the most cost-effective choices for your marketing mix.

Step 4: What “call to action” would you like to use? Will you direct your audience to a website, video, phone number, etc.? This campaign component is vitally important so that you can effectively measure campaign outcomes and determine which channels, if you are integrating more than one, are providing the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Step 5: Produce your media in-house or hire an experienced professional team. Keep in mind that the quality of your content will be a major factor determining whether your PSA is successfully placed. Pricing may vary significantly for video and audio production depending on the format desired. For example, will you require the use of actors, professional voice talent, stock content (video, music, images), celebrities, multiple cameras, a large production crew, equipment (e.g. jib, lighting, dolly, track, and gyro-stabilized camera), editor, edit suite, color correction, and captioning.

Step 6: Protect your right to use the content for many years in the future by requesting that your producer secure “unlimited rights in perpetuity” for all licensed content, including stock footage, music, talent performances, and other creative works for hire. Unless you request this in writing you may only have the right to use your PSA for the standard 1-year term provided by many content providers and talent unions.

Step 7: Locate a PSA distributor and promoter that is able to tag your multimedia (video, audio or digital online content) so that it can be tracked and measured effectively for success via broadcast, cable and the Internet channels. It is important to plot out your campaign strategy across all of the media you intend to utilize as part of your initial planning to ensure the desired “call to action” generates data that can be accurately captured and evaluated.

Step 8: Please call us if you have additional questions or would like to learn more about our award winning PSA distribution, marketing and production services.

Good luck and we wish you a very successful public service campaign!

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