Service Description

In this world of ever increasing advertising clutter and noise it is becoming more important than ever to verify that your marketing campaigns reach their target. PSN and MediaForce have developed a special expertise developing digital campaigns and using Web Analytics to manage and evaluate these campaigns to ensure they exceed expectations. We also assist in planning integrated outreach strategies that include offline media, such as radio, television, print, out-of-home, and location-based networks (in-store, waiting rooms, and arenas).

In the past, metrics of primary interest included reach, impressions and click-through activity. Now a successful campaign will monitor and track interaction with the target audience through “engagements” and “conversions” that yield the desired outcomes using cost-effective and measurable channels and tactics.

Campaign monitoring can be set up to track a vast array of engagement or conversion types, including: sales, registrations, video views, calls, etc.


Experienced PSN and MediaForce staff will develop and monitor digital campaigns to ensure that they continue to reach peak performance by analyzing the display and search network performance metrics. Nielsen audience measurement enables us to give you up to date tracking of your campaign at any given time for broadcast radio and television. In addition, the client will receive regular reports that keep them updated on key campaign metrics and outcomes so that they are able to evaluate the digital marketing strategy. PSN TV and Radio campaigns include a one-page interactive infographic.

Custom Solutions

When it comes to designing integrated solutions that reach client goals and objectives there is no one size fits all methodology. We work closely with our clients to understand their program requirements in an effort to develop an integrated solution that exceeds their expectations.

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Sample Targeted PSA Infographic
Checkout stats from a recent TV & Radio PSA campaign. PSN TV and Radio campaigns include a one-page interactive infographic.