Boost Your Charitable Donations
with a PSA Campaign!

Nonprofits have been using our services to enhance their fundraising campaigns for more than 20 years!

By allocating a small portion of your budget to a donated media campaign, you have the opportunity to significantly increase your organization’s brand awareness and program visibility. When it comes time for your fundraising campaign this fall, donors who are familiar with your organization’s brand and mission are much more likely to donate.

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PSN’s Donated Media Channels

PSN helps nonprofit organizations receive hundreds of millions of dollars worth of donated broadcast TV, Cable, and Radio airings nationwide that yield billions of FREE impressions each year!


PSN has working relationships with more than 2,100 local television stations and nationwide broadcast and cable networks. We can distribute your PSA broadly or by targeted pitch to designated market areas (DMAs) chosen by each client.


PSN distributes PSAs to more than 8,500 opt-in radio stations and networks nationwide (including over 650 Spanish language stations and networks). We’ll prepare a list of radio stations for your approval to ensure that key stations are contacted directly.


How we track your success

PSN is a Nielsen partner, and Nielsen tracking and reporting are included as part of each nationwide PSA program!

  • Client video and audio PSAs are encoded for tracking.
  • Weekly airing report includes frequency, time, and date of airing; station, network, or cable outlet; and DMA.
  • PSN final reports include estimated gross impressions and ad equivalency rates.

Additionally, each nationwide PSN campaign receives an interactive, one-page infographic with the final report summarizing all the relevant campaign outcomes.

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