USA Learns Radio PSA

“Learn English Online for Free!”

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Dear PSA Director,

USA Learns would appreciate your station or network’s participation in airing its English instruction online campaign  PSAs (in English and/or Spanish) entitled This campaign aims to inform the public about the free online tools that USA Learns provides to help adults learn English.

Program Description: is a free website that has been used by more than 7,000,000 adults around the world. The website provides engaging videos, educational activities and the opportunity to learn English independently or with the support of a teacher. With the help of USA Learns, people worldwide are able to increase their job opportunities  and improve their lives.

The Purpose of this PSA campaign is to:

  • Inform the public about a free online tool to help adults learn English using their computer, laptop or tablet.
  • Show how using provides immigrants with the opportunity to expand and enrich their lives.
  • Promote the program’s website ( to provide users with more information.
 The USA Learns radio PSA is EVERGREEN, 30 seconds in length and available in English and Spanish.

Download the Radio PSA via Dropbox:

Thank you in advance for helping USA Learns improve the lives of others by distributing the USA Learns radio PSA. If you have any questions regarding media distribution, please contact Suzanne Gaudian, PSN Client Services, at 703.228.1208 or
We look forward to your participation!
Kind regards,