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Become a PSN media partner and boost your brand equity!

Media outlet owners and managers – inform and educate your viewers, listeners, readers, members, constituents, subscribers, and customers via Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from PSN – The Public Service Network. Distributing PSAs demonstrates to your stakeholders that you care about their well-being and the community.

“It’s good business and we all benefit and enjoy a better quality of our life when our communities are educated and informed. Become a PSN media partner.” – Robert Gaudian, PSN Founder & CEO

In addition to traditional media (television, cable, radio and print), PSN is also interested in adding unconventional channels to its network mix.  This includes major retail brands, online sites, entertainment channels and other location-based digital networks (e.g. waiting rooms). Join us and help build the world’s largest public service media network.

Unlike other PSA distributors that require multi-million dollar, multi-year commitments to utilize their services, PSN offers a rate card that does not exclude small and medium size nonprofit organizations.  We pride ourselves on serving a broad range of organizations, from the largest federal government departments and nonprofit organizations to small grassroots community-based initiatives.  PSN offers a variety of channels and service packages to fit any budget and we guarantee that we will get the job done.

We all benefit and enjoy a better quality of life when our communities are educated and informed.  Help us disseminate important health and wellness, safety and educational information for qualified nonprofit and government agencies nationwide.

Contact us now for more information and to find out how your media outlet can become a PSN affiliate.

Thank you,

The PSN Team

For more information contact:
Robert Gaudian, Founder & CEO