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Nationwide or Targeted Video PSA Distribution via 2,100+ Television Stations, Cable and Broadcast Networks

psn-tv-iconPSN TV is the Public Service Network’s channel for broadcast and cable television placement of 15-, 30- and 60-second public service announcements (PSAs) by government agencies, nonprofit organizations and firms representing these entities. The service provides guaranteed PSA distribution and primetime placement for your campaign video ads, ensuring that you receive an ROI that will exceed program objectives by a large margin.

Public service messaging has increased significantly over the past decade, creating unprecedented demand for existing PSA inventory on broadcast television and cable systems. PSN TV has established long-standing relationships with English- and Spanish-language cable and broadcast outlets that have demonstrated a long history of supporting PSN’s public service campaigns.

PSN TVPSN TV builds a customized distribution list for each client to ensure PSN TV that the stations and networks that are contacted are the ones most qualified, based on targeted audience demographics and subject matter requirements. To build those lists, PSN TV takes into account market size, reach, format, the station’s history of PSA distribution, and other factors. The targeted database can be further refined to target specific markets (DMAs) or a broad national audience.

PSN TV staff contact targeted media outlets via telephone and email to reach management in key cities within the Top 100 markets as well as cable and broadcast networks. In addition, the firm sends PSA notifications to stations in all 200+ broadcast DMAs. On a recent placement campaign for a Federal government client, 76 percent of stations polled took the PSA, generating 41.8 million impressions and an ad equivalency in excess of $1.8 million (Nielsen verified).

PSN also distributes PSAs per program and station preference, via state-of-the-are digital distribution networks, multiple online file formats and when necessary, tape and DVDs. This practice solidifies relationships with the stations and cable systems to ensure the best reach and outcomes for client campaigns.

Nielsen-LogoPSN TV is a Nielsen partner. Clients have the option to encode their video content for tracking purposes. Monthly usage reports from Nielsen include frequency of airing; time and date of airing; station, network or cable channel; and DMA. Additional information, including estimated gross impressions and ad equivalency rates, are available for an additional fee.

PSN TV Highlights

  • Customized distribution to thousands of local stations, cable systems and networks
  • Available on GSA Schedule
  • Person-to-person placement requests
  • English- and Spanish-language stations
  • Weekly reporting
  • Usage tracking by Nielsen®

PSN TV distribution services are available on the GSA Schedule


PSN TV distribution services are listed on the GSA Schedule.

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